Dr Packer – Dr Packer’s Different Strokes, Vol. 2 /

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RELEASE: Dr Packer’s Different Strokes, Vol. 2
ARTIST(S): Aeroplane, Tawatha Agee, ATFC, Bobby D’Ambrosio, Lasala, Eminence, Kathy Brown, Fish Go Deep, Tracey K, Hardsoul, Ron Carroll, Horse Meat Disco, Amy Douglas, Jean Jacques Smoothie, Tara Busch, Lemelle, Reel People, Angela Johnson, Roberto Surace, Bryan Chambers, Seamus Haji, Those Guys, Slam Dunk’d, Al-P, Chromeo, Soulsearcher, The Lab Rats, The Experiment, Lisa Millett, The Muthafunkaz, Marc Evans, Kimberly Davis, The Shapeshifters, Teni Tinks


RELEASED: 2020-06-19


  1. The Shapeshifters, Kimberly Davis – Life Is A Dancefloor (feat. Kimberly Davis) (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (07:17) ,
  2. Jean Jacques Smoothie, Tara Busch – 2People (feat. Tara Busch) (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (05:38) ,
  3. Eminence, Kathy Brown – Give It Up (feat. Kathy Brown) (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (06:55) ,
  4. Aeroplane, Tawatha Agee – Love On Hold (feat. Tawatha Agee) (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (06:43) ,
  5. Fish Go Deep, Tracey K – The Cure & The Cause (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (06:17) ,
  6. Hardsoul, Ron Carroll – Back Together (feat. Ron Carroll) (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (07:00) ,
  7. Bobby D’Ambrosio, Lasala – Runaway Love (feat. Lasala) (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (06:57) ,
  8. Lemelle – You Got Something Special (Dr Packer Edit) (07:22) ,
  9. Horse Meat Disco, Amy Douglas – Let’s Go Dancing (feat. Amy Douglas) (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (06:37) ,
  10. ATFC, Lisa Millett – Sleep Talk (feat. Lisa Millett) (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (07:32) ,
  11. The Muthafunkaz, Marc Evans – I Don’t Want You Anymore (feat. Marc Evans) (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (06:35) ,
  12. Seamus Haji – Boogie 2nite (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (06:57) ,
  13. Soulsearcher – Feelin’ Love (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (07:18) ,
  14. The Lab Rats, The Experiment, Lisa Millett – Music Is My Way Of Life (feat. Lisa Millett) (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (07:06) ,
  15. Seamus Haji, Those Guys – I Walk Alone (For Your Love) (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (07:32) ,
  16. Roberto Surace – Joys (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (06:26) ,
  17. Seamus Haji, Bryan Chambers – I Got You (feat. Bryan Chambers) (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (07:00) ,
  18. Slam Dunk’d, Al-P, Chromeo – No Price (feat. Chromeo & Al-P) (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (08:07) ,
  19. The Shapeshifters, Teni Tinks – Try My Love (On For Size) [feat. Teni Tinks] (Dr Packer Extended Remix) (08:15) ,
  20. Reel People, Angela Johnson – You Used To Hold Me So Tight (feat. Angela Johnson) (Dr Packer Remix) (07:01) ,

Total Playtime: 02:20:35 min



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