Catamount Records

Hernan Tapia – Procuress / CRTS87

RELEASE: Procuress ARTIST(S): Hernan Tapia REMIXERS: LABEL: Catamount Records / CRTS87 GENRE: Lossless, Techno RELEASED: 2020-10-23 AVAILABLE FORMAT: 928Kbps, FLAC DOWNLOAD SIZE: (41.12 MB) TOTAL TRACKS 1 Hernan Tapia – Procuress (Original Mix) (06:11) A♯maj, 130 Total Playtime: 00:06:11 min / download

munfell – Complement / CRTS40

RELEASE: Complement ARTIST(S): munfell REMIXERS: LABEL: Catamount Records | CRTS40 GENRE: Techno RELEASED: 2020-09-11 BITRATE: 320Kbps DOWNLOAD SIZE: 17,00 MB TOTAL TRACKS 1 munfell – Complement (Original Mix) (07:25) key, bpm129.01 Total Playtime: 00:07:25 min / download

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